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Xtreamer (Sidewinder)
New 2010 version of the popular Xtreamer. Improves on the original by getting rid of the annoying fan and using the latest DD+ version of the Realtek chipset. The hardware provides a comprehensive feature set. The only thing really missing is Blu-Ray menus. The 2.4 firmware now provides for full lossless 7.1 HD-Audio and a movie jukebox.

The updated Xtreamer Sidewinder succesfully resolves many of the underlying niggles from the original Xtreamer.

Xtreamer Sidewinder
Specification Summary

Launch Date June 2010 3139 days ago
Country South Korea
Ranking 447/833   ? 
Player Type Media Player (Realtek)
Chipset Family Realtek 1xx3 (2009)   ? 
Chipset Model Realtek 1283DD+ @ 0.4Ghz Single Core
Chipset Rating 2 /5   ? 
Storage Internal 2.5" SATA (1) USB (2)
Network 10/100 Optional Wi-Fi(n)  ? 
Size 167 x 111 x 46mm   Fan No
Video Outputs HDMI Composite
Audio Outputs HDMI Stereo Analog TOSLINK
DVD ISO Yes   Blu-Ray ISO Yes. Simple (BD-Lite)
XBMC No   ? 
HD Audio DTS DmixTrueHD DmixDTS-HD MA Dmix
DTS PassTrueHD PassDTS-HD MA Pass   ? 
Page last updated: 31-May-13
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Zidoo X20 Pro
2X 3.5" HDD BAY
Xtreamer (Sidewinder) Discussion

There are 8 comments
UnderGround – Singapore
September 10, 2010 - 08:39

Unfortunately, compare the pricing for both Realtek and Sigma chispet in S'pore martket. Just a diffececn in ~ S$100 only.
Eg: EGreat A1080

Why not get the Sigma chispet solution, then we could enjoy wiht BlueRay Menu accessing for the real HD expereince that is my main concern !!!

Reply to UnderGround
William C. Dickinson – Salisbury, England
September 10, 2010 - 11:07

I also have a Netgear EVA9150 which uses the Sigma chipset. Unfortunately there are SEVERE problems with this chipset and its ability to handle very high bit-rate video streams that include high bit-rate audio streams over the network. Overall it is a much better engineered product than the Xtreamer Pro and Sidewinder but is let down by the limitations of its chipset.

As my network has an HP Procurve 2510G-48 Gigabit switch at the heart of a hard-wired network I know there are no problems within my LAN that would cause the problems I am experiencing with the EVA9150.

The "stuttering" problems can only be overcome by copying BD rips to the internal 3.5 HDD which has a maximum of 2TB of storage capacity.

I purchased the Xtreamer Sidewinder then the Xtreamer Pro as I found the Realtek chipset was capable of handling the high bit rate video and audio streams over a network. I extract the movie and the soundtrack into an m2ts file using a combination of SlySoft AnyDVD-HD and SmartLabs TSmuxeR so I don't use the BD menu resources. This techique allows me to reduce the m2ts file to a single video stream and a single audio stream and discards all the superflous "junk" that only consumes network bandwidth.

September 01, 2010 - 23:50

Probably the worst 'Network' media player around. It won't play a Blu-ray ISO to save it's life. It has network streaming issues, it has a clunky interface with a horrid remote, its passthrough is mediocre to say the least. It will play HD audio, but jerks and hiccups throughout it. If you put a Blu-ray ISO into it, and you turn the audio all the way down to stereo, and the video down to 480p, it still won't play.

It has tons of promises, and no actual content. Its Xtreamer Live content lists TONS, but none work. The Juke Box, only really works correctly with non-network sources, the images don't come in right and is SLOW. I mean, I feel like I'm using a 286 on a 28.8kbps modem to surf the web and all the sites are flash content slow.

I'm running firmware 2.4.0 so don't think that will help and if you want a refund, forget it. They don't even answer e-mails. They delete posts they don't agree with on their forum and if they don't delete it, they will make a lame excuse as to it not working. (ie. you bought cheap HDMI cables - I have 1.4 spec monster cables, your network is too slow - I have a linux centos server/router with a 24-port gigabit switch and cat5e cabling, your encoded the movies wrong - straight rip from anydvd-hd and dvdfab 7 no compression, your tv/stereo doesn't support the modes - I was using a media center PC with the same setup, cables, and network locations, same ISOs and all with no issues).

So honestly, if I had to give this a rating, I'd give it a 2, with a cell phone playing a scaled down dvd with 2-channel audio getting a 3, and a 286 on a 28.8k modem getting the only score below it (1).

Reply to Brian
Bjorn – Stockholm
September 13, 2010 - 13:47

Weird, my experience is completely different. I ahve the 2.4 firmware and the Xtramer SideWinder and it certainly works a lot better than for you.

I have all my content on a WHS and true, when using samba I have issues with the BR-rips that have DTS-HD MA or Dolby TrueHD in them (a BR rip of Inkheart with DTS - or was it Dolby Digital ..- works fine though for me). However, when I switch to a nfs-share on my WHS-server I have no issues to play these movies, either as BR-ISO or BR-folder rips.

As for Xtreamer Live - yeah, it sucks that so much channels now are not working (it is a 3rd party app though) but I still find a lot of nice podcasts in it. The Jukebox I must say works pretty well now. Have you set up a local cache through the webinterface? I love it that I can edit everything via the webinterface.

I've just reviewed a bunch of mediaplayers and Xtreamer has worked by far the best for me.

William C. Dickinson
August 29, 2010 - 18:58

Just purchased the Xtreamer Sidewinder 2010 (with the Realtek 1283DD+ chipset) from Easy-Tecs GmbH through Amazon.co.uk for 125 Pounds Sterling including shipping to UK.

The unit shipped with v2.3.25 firmware which has problems with DTS and AC3 pass-through. DTS.HD and Dolby True HD pass-through are NOT in this firmware version (or the v2.4.0 download) in spite of manufacturers claims. In order to get get "pass-through" for DTS, DTS.HD and AC3 I had to downgrade the firmware to v2.3.1

Dolby True HD is "sort-of" passed through but it comes out as Dolby Pro Logic IIx (stereo) according to the display on my Yamaha DSP-Z7

If you NEED HD audio pass-through you will need to wait for a future firmware release.

This is my only complaint about this product. All in all it is excellent value for money.

August 19, 2010 - 20:08

After buying the Xtreamer Mk1 and waiting and waiting and then getting turfed out by the Xtreamer SMD moderator from the forum I had enough and purchased the EGreat S1A..

What can I say..

Better plug adaptor
More connection interfaces.
Working HD Audio
Faster and smoother menus and play back.

This player is what I wanted the Xtreamer to be...

Don't waste your money and buy the EGreat S1A, you won't be disappoint for a year waiting for it to become something it promised...

July 22, 2010 - 12:56

dont for get shippings about 30

so it is around 120 then

July 08, 2010 - 22:24

Official price 99€

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Detailed Specification
Max Resolution1080p
Box TypeRealtek
Chipset FamilyRealtek 1xx3 (2009)
Chipset ModelRealtek 1283DD+
Chipset Ghz0.4
Flash Memory (GB)
Internal HDD2.5" SATA
HDD Num1
USB Host2
USB Slave1
USB Version2.0
SD Card Type
Other Storage
File SystemsFAT, EXT, NTFS
Network ProtocolsSamba, NFS
Wired Network10/100
Wireless Network Optional Wi-Fi(n)
Component Video
Composite Video1
HDMI Version1.3a
Audio/Video Other
Stereo L/R Audio1
S/PDIF Coaxial
AV Recording
AV Inputs
Video Formats (Codecs)XVID SD/HD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 o MP@HL, MPEG-4.2 o ASP@L5 - 720p, - 1-point GMC, WMV9 o MP@HL, H.264 o BP@L3 o MP@L4.0 o HP@L4.0 o HP@L4.1, VC-1 o MP@HL o AP@L3
Video Extensions (Containers)MPEG1/2/4 Elementary (M1V, M2V, M4V), MPEG1/2 PS (M2P, MPG), MPEG2 Transport Stream (TS, TP, TRP, M2T, M2TS, MTS), VOB, AVI, ASF, WMV, Matroska (MKV), AVC HD, MOV (H.264), MP4, RMP4, FLV - Flash Video
Audio Formats (Codecs)WMA, WMA Pro, AAC, MP1, MP2, MP3, LPCM, * FLAC, Vorbis, RMP4, FLC, PCM, PLSX
Audio Extensions (Containers)AAC, M4A, MPEG audio (MP1, MP2, MP3, MPA), WAV, WMA, FLAC, OGG
Subtitle FormatsSRT, SMI, SUB, SSA, IDX
3D Top Bottom
3D Frame PackingNo
3D Frame Sequential
Blu-Ray 3DNo
Blu-Ray ISOYes. Simple (BD-Lite)
Dolby Digital (AC3) DownmixYes
Dolby Digital (AC3) PassthroughYes
Dolby Digital Plus DownmixYes
Dolby Digital Plus PassthroughYes
Dolby TrueHD DownmixYes
Dolby TrueHD PassthroughYes
DTS DownmixYes
DTS PassthroughYes
DTS-HD HR DownmixYes
DTS-HD HR PassthroughYes
DTS-HD MA DownmixYes
DTS-HD MA PassthroughYes
Internet RadioSHOUTcast
Web ServicesLoads
Native XBMC
Play Store
Web Browser
Browser Detail
Front LCDNo
Supplied Remote
Power12V DC, 3A
Power Usage Standby
W (mm)167
D (mm)111
H (mm)46
Volume (litre)0.85
Weight (kg)1.00
W (inches)6.6
D (inches)4.4
H (inches)1.8
Weight (lb)2.20
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