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ACRyan PlayOn!HD (PV73100)
This page relates to the original PlayOn!. There is also an updated full HD-Audio version (PV73100P+) version covered here.

One of the first of the Realtek 1073 players and still one of the best specified. As usual for a Realtek, it will play a vast variety of formats very capably. Has more AV outputs than most others (digital coaxial audio, component video) and very useful side mounted USB and SD Card ports. The firmware updates and technical support offered by ACRyan have been amongst the best we've seen. The Play!On was the first to get a YAMJ (cover art) style browser and has an active forum where they accept feedback from users. The only drawback would be the lack of lossless HD-Audio support in the 'DD' Realtek chip, there is talk of a 'DD+' version coming soon..

ACRyan's firmware support, and the Play!On firmware itself, have been generally superior to the other Realteks. Combined with the very capable hardware, the ACRyan is among the best.

The 1073 chipset ACRyan players have been superceeded by the 2011 RTK 1055 / 1185 versions. Check them out here.

ACRyan PlayOn!
Specification Summary

Launch Date June 2009 3700 days ago
Country The Netherlands
Ranking 441/837   ? 
Player Type Media Player (Realtek)
Chipset Family Realtek 1xx3 (2009)   ? 
Chipset Model Realtek 1073DD @ 0.4Ghz Single Core
Chipset Rating 2 /5   ? 
Storage Internal 3.5" SATA (1) USB (2) SD
Network 10/100 Optional Wi-Fi(n)  ? 
Size 227 x 165 x 60mm   Fan Yes
Video Outputs HDMI Component Composite
Audio Outputs HDMI Stereo Analog TOSLINK Coaxial
DVD ISO Yes   Blu-Ray ISO Yes. Simple (BD-Lite)
XBMC No   ? 
HD Audio DTS DmixTrueHD DmixDTS-HD MA Dmix
DTS PassTrueHD PassDTS-HD MA Pass   ? 
Page last updated: 31-May-13
Official Website
Official Forum
Play!On Blog
Firmware Updates
Firmware Forum
Active Firmware Forum
AVSForum /Play!On
MPC Club [Jul-09]
HDLand (in French) [30-Jun-09]
Places to Buy
ACRyan Direct
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Product Discussion

There are 13 comments
lululemon pants – http://www.luluoutletstore.org
January 03, 2016 - 22:10

I am assured, what is it was already discussed.

February 09, 2012 - 22:17

This player is still being supported. New firmware Jan 2012:

Model: AC Ryan ACR-PV73100 Playon!HD
Version: v7.4.3.r7317 (Asian) / v7.4.4.r7317 (European)
Release: 2012-01-31
New Features / Improvements / Bug Fixes
Version v7.4.x.r7317
what�s new in this release
1. Improved Goto function, now able to directly input numeric on the entry fields
2. Improved various menu language translations and OSD errors
3. Improved audio playing indicator bar to match with the current progress of playback
4. Improved sync with various .txt subtitle formats
5. Improved subtitles handling
(a) Multiple SRT subtitles for a video, naming the desired subtitle file the same as the video name will make it the default subtitle during playback
If you have 'Avatar.mkv' video and 'Avatar.srt', 'Avatar.dutch.srt', 'Avatar.german.srt', etc
Avatar.srt will be the default subtitle
If you prefer to have other subtitle as the default subtitle, just rename that to 'Avatar.srt'
(b) Only subtitles that are relevant to the video being played will be displayed and selectable
If you have 'Avatar.mkv' and 'Iron Man.mkv' together with 'Avatar.srt' and 'Iron Man.srt' subtitles in a single folder
When playing 'Avatar.mkv' and pressing the subtitle button will only display and let you select 'Avatar.srt'.
'Iron Man.srt' will not be seen as a selectable subtitle
6. Added audio setting that can be directly accessed when pressing the MENU button during audio/video playback
7. Added 'Show all files' option in SETUP - SYSTEM menu to provide users the flexibility of manipulating files that are otherwise filtered out by the system as non-media types
8. Added Thai and Hebrew virtual keyboard layout and input method
9. Added support for PGS subtitles in MKV container
10. Added scan HDD utility to check and automatically fix any NTFS file system errors
11. Fixed random system reboot when accessing the SETUP menu during video playback
12. Fixed prompting of HDD format when system is upgraded to version r5440 with the internal HDD already formatted by the previous SDK platform (version r4824 and earlier)
13. Fixed error message 'Unable to service request' from appearing when setting a username/password for FTP
14. Fixed the limit of maximum 15 subtitles placed in a single folder
15. Fixed missing audio channels when playing back video with multi-channel AAC audio via an external amplifier
16. Fixed constant rebooting problem caused by the index file being corrupted after scanning any MP3 files with an ID3 tag that contains a large file size embedded image
17. Fixed system reboot when loading a Jukebox created with AC Ryan YAMJ Installer v2.0
18. Fixed random system freeze when exiting or stopping from playing a movie in Movie Jukebox
19. Fixed unable to display YAMJ generated TV Series and Boxsets in Movie Jukebox
20. Fixed broken service to NBC TODAY SHOW in Video Podcast
21. Fixed no audio bug when using certain services in Internet Media if you are using SPDIF/OPTICAL connection to an external amplifier
22. Fixed during audio playback, ID3 details does not appear after returning from screensaver, MENU options or SETUP
23. Fixed unable to load subtitles when default subtitle option in Setup > Misc > Subtitle is turned off
24. Fixed during a paused video playback and screen saver appears with option set to Photo Album or Flickr, will cause the system to reboot
Note: Due to a Realtek SDK limitation, only the default screen saver image will appear during a paused video playback
25. Fixed unable to create new folder on network when copying/moving files
26. Fixed unable to access a password protected network location that has been added to the Shortcuts menu
27. Fixed unable to load .m3u playlist over network
28. Moved Shortcuts menu to the first listed menu on the Home Screen
29. Moved "Stretch" option as the first selection when pressing the Zoom button during video playback

tweakradje – The Blue Planet
December 05, 2011 - 19:53

Better look here for latest "free" firmware. Realtek has abandoned the 1xx3 platform. These guys take it further than it ever was before: www.moservices.org


September 19, 2010 - 07:35


I have also recently purchased acryan Playon!HD player (this has come preinstalled with PV73100 (SDK3.X) r3582.

I need your guidance in following:

1) Can you suggest which is the best firmware to install, that give me the flexiblity to install more applications. (it could be mod/hacked firmware)

2) I would like to watch online contents like movies, series and video songs from site like youtube, megavideo, dailymotions and other free sites.

3)How to add any media streaing site I may find on internet

4) How to increase wireless transmission speed

5) All other things I can probably do with it (I want to take full advantage of its network, streaming features.

I am not a techie, so if you can explain it in same way as you have done above, it would be great.

I know about the official acryan forum, but steps there are not for beginners like me. Though I would like to have metafeeds, Shoutcast, Youtube HD, xspf & m3u playlists , PlayOn!HD InfoSite, Google Maps and TViXiE2Playon!HD.

Any other unofficial acryan community/forum?

July 26, 2010 - 05:00

Confirmed they have new chipset in their hardware: playonhd.spaces.live.com

Product model no is ACR-PV73100P+

June 08, 2010 - 06:27

I read in mpcforums that AC Ryan is taking the units back to upgrade to new realtek chip that can bitstream passthrough HD audio both DTS-MA and TrueHD. Can anyone verify this?

Michel – Netherlands
December 28, 2009 - 01:28

The latest firmware v7.0.6 r2089 will break the POD Installer.

December 15, 2009 - 12:38

Info on new ACRyan firmware:

December 15, 2009 - 12:29

Beta 2529 firmware with support for PPStream:


December 04, 2009 - 22:02

The POHD definitly will not passthrough HD audio! It has been removed from the website! So take care and look for another device if you have an HD receiver and want to enjoy HD audio.

November 30, 2009 - 17:07

Some photos of what is meant to be the new GUI here: www.avsforum.com. NICE

November 12, 2009 - 08:59

If anyone is interested, this is the latest leaked RC firmware based on the new Realtek SDK (like Xtreamer). 7.06.r2160: www.filestube.com

Be warned that ths is very buggy. Theres a thread on the AC Ryan forum you should read carefully: www.acryan.com

October 25, 2009 - 19:36

New firmware version has follwoing features. From ACRyan site:

Version v7.0.6 r2089
What's new in this release

1) Add torrent download function in Home menu
- Place .torrent file in any folder and press Menu to select "Add the torrent"
- On-Screen real-time download status
Press Menu button on selected torrent download to select priority level
Press Stop button on selected torrent download to Stop torrent or Stop torrent and Delete file
- On-screen client setup
2) Add Internet Feeds function in Home menu (Beta development, not fully working yet)
- YouTube streaming
- Picasa photo album
- RSS news feeds
3) Add NFS support for mapping of network folders
4) Add Screen size calibration to fit video to screen
- Press ZOOM IN button of the remote control during playback to fit to defined screen size
5) Add Network Host Name configuration
6) Add Japanese (S-JIS) text encoding
7) Add Korean (EUC-KR) text encoding
8) Add system time synchronisation with time servers
9) Add external USB DVD-ROM support**
10) Add Auto-Play function when a disc is inserted in the external USB DVD-ROM
11) Add Parental Control for disc rating
12) Fix internal HDD capacity information correctly above 1TB
13) Fix Simplified/Traditional Chinese characters display under English Language Menu
14) Fix external USB DVD-ROM unable to eject once mounted
15) Fix the extra directories present when returning to Home menu from browser
16) Fix system freeze when another USB device is attached while the wireless N dongle is in use
17) Fix internal Simplified Chinese SRT subtitle present in MKV container format
18) Improved playback of files in sequence via network
19) Remove File Copy and Setup menu from Home menu
20) Remove unicgi (Neighbour Web) application from Extension Info

--Currently still in "final fixing" (not completed yet in this BETA)--
1) Fix internal Traditional Chinese SRT subtitle support for MKV container format
2) Fix punctuation order of Hebrew text encoding

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Detailed Specification
Max Resolution1080p
Box TypeRealtek
Chipset FamilyRealtek 1xx3 (2009)
Chipset ModelRealtek 1073DD
Chipset Ghz0.4
Flash Memory (GB)
Internal HDD3.5" SATA
HDD Num1
USB Host2
USB Slave1
USB Version2.0
SD Card TypeSD
Other Storage
File SystemsFAT, EXT, NTFS
Network ProtocolsSamba, NFS
Wired Network10/100
Wireless Network Optional Wi-Fi(n)
Component Video1
Composite Video1
HDMI Version1.3
Audio/Video Other
Stereo L/R Audio1
S/PDIF Coaxial1
AV Recording
AV Inputs
Video Formats (Codecs)MPEG-1 - MPEG-2 - MPEG-4 SP/ASP/AVC (H.264) - XviD - DivX - WMV9 (VC-1) - RealVideo 8/9/10 (up to 720P)
Video Extensions (Containers)AVI - MKV - TS - TP - TRP - M2TS - MPG - MP4 - MOV - M4V - VOB - ISO - IFO - DAT - WMV - ASF - RM - RMVB - FLV
Audio Formats (Codecs)
Audio Extensions (Containers)MP3 - MP2 - WMA - AAC - FLAC - WAV - OGG Vorbis - PCM - LPCM - MS-ADPCM - LC-AAC - HE-AAC - COOK - RA-Lossless
Image FormatsHD JPEG - BMP - GIF - TIF - PNG
Subtitle FormatsSRT, SMI, SSA, IDX/SUB, SUB
3D Top Bottom
3D Frame PackingNo
3D Frame Sequential
Blu-Ray 3DNo
Blu-Ray ISOYes. Simple (BD-Lite)
Dolby Digital (AC3) DownmixYes
Dolby Digital (AC3) PassthroughYes
Dolby Digital Plus Downmix
Dolby Digital Plus Passthrough
Dolby TrueHD DownmixYes
Dolby TrueHD Passthrough
DTS DownmixYes
DTS PassthroughYes
DTS-HD HR DownmixYes
DTS-HD HR PassthroughYes
DTS-HD MA DownmixYes
DTS-HD MA Passthrough
Internet RadioYes
Web ServicesPicasa, Flikr. etc
Native XBMC
Play Store
Web Browser
Browser Detail
Front LCDNo
Supplied Remote
Power Usage Standby
W (mm)227
D (mm)165
H (mm)60
Volume (litre)2.25
Weight (kg)1.00
W (inches)8.9
D (inches)6.5
H (inches)2.4
Weight (lb)2.20
Zidoo Z10
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