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ASUS O!Play HDP-R1 (also known as ASUS O!Play HDP-R2A)
Early Realtek 1073 based player from Asus. Has the the usual Realtek impressive format support and performance and, despite the low price, the chipset used is the DTS downmix capable 1073DD. It is almost unique among the cheaper Media Players in having an eSATA port. Unusually, Wi-Fi is not even an option.

Firmware updates have come regularly with all the key new features having been incorporated (HD interface, BD-ISO Lite, internet radio..), albeit usually coming a few weeks later than the best supported Realtek players. The Asus O!Play was and is a very capable Media Player.

Asus O!Play HDP-R1
Specification Summary

Launch Date August 2009 3600 days ago
Country Taiwan
Ranking 436/836   ? 
Player Type Media Player (Realtek)
Chipset Family Realtek 1xx3 (2009)   ? 
Chipset Model Realtek 1073DD @ 0.4Ghz Single Core
Chipset Rating 2 /5   ? 
Storage eSATA (1) USB (1)
Network 10/100   ? 
Size 181 x 125 x 48mm   Fan No
Video Outputs HDMI Composite
Audio Outputs HDMI Stereo Analog TOSLINK
DVD ISO Yes   Blu-Ray ISO Yes. Simple (BD-Lite)
XBMC No   ? 
HD Audio DTS DmixTrueHD DmixDTS-HD MA Dmix
DTS PassTrueHD PassDTS-HD MA Pass   ? 
Page last updated: 31-May-13
Official Website
Asus Support Forum
Firmware Updates
AVSForum /O!Play
InsideHW [Sep-09]
Techradar [Aug-09]
TrustedReviews [Aug-09]
Youtube /Interface [Aug-09]
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Places to Buy
Amazon $87.99
Amazon £79.98
Amazon €91.95
Amazon $139.99
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ASUS O!Play HDP-R1 Discussion

There are 21 comments
October 07, 2012 - 18:41

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this weblog is actually amazing.

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John – uk
November 12, 2011 - 14:35

why can i get one of these from HiMedia HD900B

can anybody help?

vivek – India
February 09, 2011 - 11:22

I have recently purchased the Asus O!Play purely for music listening through my stereo system and really liked the Random Music play feature in the remote. But when I am connecting my 160GB WD external HD and trying to use the random music button, it is not working. I am not able to play music randomly :-(
Any solution to this problem? I need this feature as I dont want to connect my TV to this player and want to use it as a random music player.

Joćo Melo – Brazil
July 29, 2010 - 17:24

I bought that mediaplayer O!Play HDP41 PAL firmware ver. 1.24P in Portugal . But I Live in Brazil I updated to 1.29P. My question is. Is it possible changing TV system from PAL to NTSC by updating the firmware? If it“s possible? how? Because I tried to upodating using NTSC file but the device O!Play HDP_R1 reported that invalid. N

July 26, 2010 - 11:44

Gotd this a couple of weeks ago and must say: everything is working fine for me, no problems

Weimin Zhang
July 15, 2010 - 17:00

Just wonder how I can check the version of the chipset used in the player Asus O!Play HDP-R1 (Realtek 1073DD)? Other thing is the Audio from S/PDIF TOSLink for 'S/PDIF raw' setting is errored on my 5.1 audio player when playing a video file with DTS 5.1. Is this normal, how to fix it? If I change the setting to 'S/PDIF multi channel', my audio play would play the audio in a stereo 2 channels. Please reply. Thanks!

June 24, 2010 - 10:49

It had 4 iboum stars couple of weeks ago now it's 3. So what happened?

Reply to Antahor
June 28, 2010 - 17:49

New DD+ Realtek players have arrived. This step forward in specification has led to a minor re-rating. Sometime soon only DD+ players will get 4* or higher. We will write something clarifying how the ranking works hopefully in the coming week.

Dan – USA
April 08, 2010 - 16:12

Does this player now support Blu Ray ISO menus? I see that a firmware release come out in Feb with the below enhancements
1. Add BD iso navigation and subtitle identification
2. Add BD/DVD direct play by folder
3. Add hue and saturation tuning in video setup menu
4. Add Brazil language support
5. Add power saving function in system setup menu
6. Add My shortcut edit function

Reply to Dan
April 15, 2010 - 02:51

No, there is no menu support for BD, ISO or the BDMV folder structure.

What they added was to be able to play the movie from the top directory level. In the past, one had to navigate down to select a .m2ts file.

It's a great player at this price range (<$100). It would be fantastic if it could passthru Dolby TrueHD and DTS-MA with future firmware updates.

As for the true BD menus, the PCH A-200 can show some sort of "light" menu while the PCH C-200, the Dune Base and the Dune Prime can do the full menu. All are equipped with the latest Sigma chip, 8642/8643 and cost $100 to $300 more.

Reply to Dan
Dan – USA
April 16, 2010 - 15:38

Thanks for the reply, I was holding out for the popbox or dlink boxee, but i'm getting impatient, was looking for something for my kids room, BD support is not that important for this purpose, but I might take the plunge. My WHS is running out of space, all my videos are duplicate, Stright VOB rips for the PS3 and ISO for my next gadget, I ether need a new HD, or a new movie player so I can delete the VOB rips lol.

April 06, 2010 - 09:26

Does this play Humax .ts files along with subtitles/closed captions?

Reply to dirg
April 07, 2010 - 15:52

yeah it does.

Birendra Patel – India
February 17, 2010 - 09:53

Is there any chance it will get torrent client firmware update like CinemaTube in near future?

Reply to Birendra Patel
February 17, 2010 - 18:45

Unlikely. Don't think asus want to associate with torrents.

December 27, 2009 - 23:41

The ASUS O!Play supports the PGS (full Blu-ray mode) subtitle which is missing completely from the top-rated WDTV Live.

Currently, I have both the ASUS O!Play and the WDTV Live. The WDTV Live supports the Dolby TrueHD pass through which is missing from the O!Play.

The WDTV Live is miserable with the Windows network shares with shares appearing and disappearing at random. The O!Play has been very stable in this area.

When streaming high bit rate m2ts or Blu-ray ISO files, both players can stutter since the 100Mps ethernet is not fast enough. Sometimes, even the USB2 interface on those players is not fast enough. The eSATA port included with the O!Play has so far worked perfectly without any stutters.

Neither player is perfect. But in the end, I will return the WDTV Live and keep the O!Play for the PGS subtitle support, more robust network performance and the eSATA port interface.

October 07, 2009 - 11:05

Try sharing your folder using the "Everyone" option (I recommend making it read-only, just in case). Then, on the O!Play, use "Everyone" (without quotes) for username and anything you want for password.

Works in Vista, probably will work in W7 as well...

October 05, 2009 - 11:04

Yeah I'd seen that fix. Problem is I have no idea how to use telnet..

October 05, 2009 - 11:04


Scroll down to post #15

October 04, 2009 - 11:04


wait until Windows 7 is released? =

September 10, 2009 - 11:04

I cannot make this work with Windows 7. Nothing I do makes shared folders visible. Anybody help?

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Detailed Specification
Max Resolution1080p
Box TypeRealtek
Chipset FamilyRealtek 1xx3 (2009)
Chipset ModelRealtek 1073DD
Chipset Ghz0.4
Flash Memory (GB)
Internal HDD
USB Host1
USB Slave
USB Version
SD Card Type
Other Storage
File SystemsFAT, EXT, NTFS
Network ProtocolsSamba
Wired Network10/100
Wireless Network
Component Video
Composite Video1
HDMI Version1.3
Audio/Video Other
Stereo L/R Audio1
S/PDIF Coaxial
AV Recording
AV Inputs
Video Formats (Codecs)MPEG 1/2/4, H.264, VC-1, RM/RMVB, MKV, VOB, IFO, ISO, HD Divx, Xvid
Video Extensions (Containers).mp4, .mov, .xvid, .avi, .dvix, .asf, .wmv, .mkv, .rm, .rmvb, .flv, .ts, .m2ts, .dat, .mpg, .vob
Audio Formats (Codecs)M3U playlists, MP3, ACC, AC3, DTS (inc downsample to stereo via HDMI)
Audio Extensions (Containers)MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AIFF
Image FormatsJPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF
Subtitle FormatsSRT, SUB, SMI, SSA
3D Top Bottom
3D Frame PackingNo
3D Frame Sequential
Blu-Ray 3DNo
Blu-Ray ISOYes. Simple (BD-Lite)
Dolby Digital (AC3) DownmixYes
Dolby Digital (AC3) PassthroughYes
Dolby Digital Plus Downmix
Dolby Digital Plus Passthrough
Dolby TrueHD DownmixYes
Dolby TrueHD Passthrough
DTS DownmixYes
DTS PassthroughYes
DTS-HD HR Downmix
DTS-HD HR Passthrough
DTS-HD MA DownmixYes
DTS-HD MA Passthrough
Internet RadioYes
Web ServicesPicassa, Flickr, free feeds
Native XBMC
Play Store
Web Browser
Browser Detail
Front LCDNo
Supplied Remote
Power12V DC, 2A
Power Usage Standby10
W (mm)181
D (mm)125
H (mm)48
Volume (litre)1.08
Weight (kg)
W (inches)7.1
D (inches)4.9
H (inches)1.9
Weight (lb)
Zidoo Z10
3.5" HDD BAY
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