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A Brief History of Chipsets

We began this site in 2008 as a way to group and index media player products according to 'chipset'.

Modern media and computing products (media boxes / phones / tablets / HTPCs) are built around a single chip, containing the CPU, graphics processor (GPU), audio hardware and all other functions. This type of integrated design is called SoC (System on a Chip), or simply 'chipset'.

All products with the same chipset will have the same core performance and features. There will be some differences in terms of software (firmware) but these will be relatively minimal.

When we started in 2008 we concentrated on the specialist media player chipsets that were prevalent at the time. At around 2012 the market for media players switched to the Android operating system and the chipsets became ARM based. These same ARM chipsets are used in phones and tablets. At the start of 2015 a new breed of HTPC based on SoCs from Intel were launched running Windows, creating a viable alternative to Android.

This site lists all three types of chipset together in one index and has pages explaining chipsets for each category:

ARM Android Chipsets (2011-) : Mini-HTPC Chipsets (2014-) : Specialist Media Chipsets (2006-2012).

Mini-HTPC Chipsets

Mini-HTPCs based on low-power SoCs from Intel first appeared at the end of 2014.

Ratings are updated regularly (last SEP-2015) and are a factor in the index ranking.

ChipsetRelease DateCPUGPUFeaturesKodiAntutuRating
Intel Braswell Pentium N37002015 JulQuad-coreIntel Gen81.6 - 2.40GhzGood4
Intel Braswell Celeron N31502015 JulQuad-coreIntel Gen81.6 - 2.08GhzGood4
Intel Braswell Celeron N30002015 AprDual-coreIntel Gen81.6 - 2.08GhzGood3.5
Intel Braswell Celeron N30502015 AprDual-coreIntel Gen81.6 - 2.16GhzGood3.5
Intel Cherry Trail Z87002015 AugQuad-coreIntel Gen81.44 - 2.40GhzGood3.5
Intel Cherry Trail Z85002015 AugQuad-coreIntel Gen81.44 - 2.24GhzGood3.5
Intel Cherry Trail Z83002015 AugQuad-coreIntel Gen81.44 - 1.88GhzGood3.5
Intel Bay Trail 37362015 MarQuad-coreIntel Gen71.3 - 2.16GhzGood37,0003.5
Intel Bay Trail 37352014 NovQuad-coreIntel Gen71.3 - 1.83GhzGood30,0003.5
Zidoo X20 Pro
2X 3.5" HDD BAY
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